Metåmask Login | Login to My Account

Use the link MetaMask login to sign up for an account and sign in to this platform. MetaMask provides a browser extension and app wallet for both Android and iOS devices. It is a type of Ethereum base wallet that is used by beginners to invest and trade digital assets. MetaMask login allows its customers to keep their ETH with the other assets and permit the users to make their transactions securely. Users can use their MetaMask login account to attach with the decentralized Dapps or apps and a compatible web browser.   

Instructions to Install MetaMask Extension from MetaMask Login

  • To start, launch any web browser of your PC and move to the official MetaMask login website. 

  • Then, spot and click on the Download icon.

  •  Here, press the Add to Chrome button visible on the screen.

  • When the installation process finished, click on the Get Started button. 

  • If you are new on this platform, you must select the Create a wallet icon.    

  • Go through the Terms and Conditions of the website and tick the agree box.

  • Now, you will be asked to enter a login password for the wallet in the given field. 

Note: you should input this password each time you initiate a transaction. 

Instructions to Sign Up an Account on MetaMask Login

  • To proceed with, download the MetaMask login wallet on your device.  

  • The homepage will open up on your screen. 

  • Here, you have to hit the Create a wallet button to generate an Ethereum wallet. 

  • Then, You must pick the agree or disagree button and give your Feedback to continue. 

  • You need to set up a hard to crack password for the safety of your wallet.

  • Tap on the grey color section to launch the seed phrase.

  • Now, provide the correct order of seed phrases in given space. 

  • After that, you need to confirm the password by tapping the Confirm button. 

  • That’s it, you can now use the MetaMask login wallet.  


Instructions to Sign In MetaMask Login Account

  • First of all, launch the MetaMask login extension you have installed on your PC.

  • Then, press the Log In button to continue. 

  • The Sign In form will open up on the screen.

  • Here, you have to provide the password in the given box.

  • Lastly, click on the Sign In icon to enter into your MetaMask login account. 

Instructions to Change the Password on MetaMask Login 

  • For this, visit the MetaMask login website on your device. 

  • On the main page, provide the current login password in the preferred field.

  • Then, click on the Log In icon. 

  • Now,  hit the 3-horizontal lines visible at the top left-hand side corner of the screen. 

  • Here, you should choose the Security and Privacy option. 

  • After that, locate and tap on the Change Password button. 

  • Enter the new login password twice and click on the Confirm tab. 

  • Finally, you can use this new login password to access the MetaMask login account. 

Instructions to Deposit Crypto on MetaMask Login 

  • First,go to the URL MetaMask login using the web browser.

  • Or, you can open its mobile app on your iOS/Android device.

  • Then, click on the Add Fund option. A QR code will be visible on your screen, you have to scan the code to deposit your assets. 

  • Alternatively, you can manually copy the address and paste it to your platform from which you would like to send money.

  • Here, tap on the name of your account  and copy the address shown on the screen.

  • Now, you need to paste the address in the relative field. 

  • Choose the assets you want to add. 

  • type the amount you wish to deposit in the preferred box.

  • Read the details you have provided above and tap on the Confirm button to complete your deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions


Question: How do I install the MetaMask app on my iOS device? 

Answer: Go to the official MetaMask login website. Then, choose the iOS for mobile app and tap on the Chrome for desktop option. 

  • Or, you can open the Chrome store, App store, and Google app store. 

  • Type MetaMask in the search bar.

  • Select the MetaMask icon and tap on the Get icon.

  • Then, wait for a few seconds.   

Question: How can I send ETH on MetaMask login?

Answer: To send your funds from MetaMask login you require the public key of the recipient. 

  • Tap on the Send icon and input the key of the receiver. 

  • Then, type the amount and hit the Next button.   

  • Now, adjust the ETH gas fee.

  • After that, tap on the Confirm button to finish the process.   


Question: How do I exchange tokens on MetaMask login?

Answer: Open the MetaMask login extension.

  • Press the Swap button.  

  • Pick the desired tokens and hit the Get icon.  

  • Choose the best quote.

  • Lastly, tap on the Swap button.